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Sales Executive Full-time công việc

2 tháng trước Sale Dương Tơ, Phú Quốc, Kiên Giang   297 lượt xem
Chi tiết công việc


A proactive, ambitious, self-starter who had a positive attitude and the ability to multi-task in a deadline driven hospitality environment. Sale Executive has a track record of executing sales and marketing strategies to maximize the profitability of a hotel, whilst at the same time maintaining high customer satisfaction levels.


 Make lists of potential clients and conduct surveys to identify customers actively seeking a hotel Contact customers via calls or arranged meetings to discover their needs and requirements Prepare and present sales proposal to potential clients, highlighting the best features and qualities of the hotel Provide customers with a list of available services and their accompanying prices and offer discounts when necessary Assist clients in selecting the most appropriate service that best meet their specifications and needs Oversee the booking and reservation of space in a hotel to ensure availability and proper arrangement Collaborate with other hotel staff to ensure clients have a good time Monitor the customer service quality of the hotel to ensure customers are tended to appropriately Conduct price negotiations with customers on behalf of the hotel management to reach a favorable bargain for both parties Process and facilitate requests for customized services such as room redecoration, equipment, and switch Coordinate and organize the details of an event such as catering, lodging, seating, and security Resolve and quell misunderstandings within a hotel premises Maintain contact with clients to obtain feedback and to discuss opportunities for future business deals Set annual budgets and implement strategies effective for achieving set targets Conduct assessment of sales performance to make necessary adjustments to increase patronage. Other tasks assigned by SM.

Mô tả công ty
V07-SV06, Khu tổ hợp du lịch Sonasea villas & resort 2, ấp Đường Bào, xã Dương Tơ, huyện Phú Quốc, Kiên Giang